Saturday, 1 July 2017

Reflection, W7, T2, literacy

This week for some of literacy I have been doing my word work.I like doing word work because I get to learn how to write some words and were they come from.

Here it is:

I have also been doing describe writing just like last week but we did it on a family member I done it on my brother. I like doing it because some time it get you linking about other people of things.

Here it is it:

Carlos Inglis

Their once lived a boy named Carlos Inglis. He was a sweet and lovely boy. He was as friendly as a cat.       

He had hair that look like chocolate, it made me hungry. His hair was a straight as a door. His eyes were as blue as the ocean. He had a face that looked like a easter egg, yum .He was taller than a elephant. He wore a white top that was the colour of vanilla ice cream, He also wore black dress pants that were the colour of  a black hand bag.

He splashed the water faster than a cheater. His mum and dad's names are Natasha and Roderick. His brothers and sisters are Xavier who is his half  brother he is 7, Me larissa who is his full sister who is 9 and Malaylah who is his half sister who is 6.


That is all for this week!!!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Reflection, W6, T2, literacy


This week for literacy I have been working on my word work. My favourite part about doing it is getting to find out were the come from.

Here it is:

I have also been work on my describe writing. I find this a lot of fun. Maybe next time I will do it about someone ales.Here it is:

Plan - descriptive writing: Miss Reissmann

Name (noun) of what you describing: A lovely teacher

Think about what this person looks like.
What colour hair do they have? Blond like a gold coin that lights the way throw a dark time.  
Is their hair wavy or straight?  Straight like the sea flat.
Do they have long hair or is it short? As short as a elephant.
Are they female or male? Female because she is prettier than a flower.
Do they have a nice smile? There smile is as big as a pretty giunet.                          
Do they have rosy cheeks? Yes
Do they have freckles? No  
What shape is their face?  Ovel
Is the person tall or short? Short

What clothes is the person wearing? Dress pants, white top with a cady, skaf and high heels.

List adjectives that describe the person: Writing, working, maths reading, topic and Happy

Is the person happy? Yes
Are they smiling? no
Do they play sport? Sometimes
Are they funny? Yes
Do they have a sense of humour? Yes
Is the person serious?  Sometimes

Friday, 2 June 2017

Reflection W5 T2 literacy


This week for my  literacy I have been working on my word work.I find this a lot of fun and it was a little bit easy. Maybe next time I will put more time and effort into it.My Favourite part about it is the time it took me.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Illustrated: Katharine Mcewen

This book is about a person who wore all his clothes.He has a wife a per of twins and a then another kid who is a girl.His radio doesn't work.It is around Christmas time so there was a truck driver with Christmas trees on the back and is was slippery and he skid over and the trees went everywhere he felt so bad.

Here is my activity that I have been working on.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Reflection, literacy, W4, T2

This week for my literacy I have been working on my word work. I find this fun because I got it done in the right time.Maybe next time i will change the font of my writing.

This week for some more of my literacy I have been doing free writing. My favourite part about free writing is that you get to choose what you want to write about. Next time I will add some more writing. What would you choose to write about?

Friday, 19 May 2017

literacy Reflection W3 T2

This week for some of my literacy I have been doing word work. My favorite part about doing it is how fast I got it done. Maybe next time I will change the font of it. Do you do word work?   
Comment down blow if you do.

This week for some more of my literacy I have been working on my Diamante Poem.When I was doing this I felt calm and it reminded me of how the people who went and died for us are hero's. They are better than normal hero that you read about in books. They are special. Next time I will do it about something different.
If you have done something like this please leave a comment blow.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Reflection week 1 term 2

Hi welcome back to term 2. My first week back to school has been a lot of fun. My favourite part about coming back to school was getting to see everyone again. Why did you like coming back to school?

This week we have also been doing some work. Here it is.

This week I have been working on my word work. I find it a lot of fun.Maybe next time I will do more words.